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  • Helping you prevent a burglary

    Many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. If you know your home or office security looks poor, so will a thief. Statistics show that properties with little security are 15 times more likely to be burgled than those with good security.

    With almost one million burglaries carried out in the year isn’t it better to be safe than sorry. Below we have a short checklist of what you can do to reduce the chance of your property being burgled.

    • Check that you’ve locked all the doors and windows – even if you are just popping out for a minute.

    • Make sure you have mortice locks fitted to all outside doors. (Insurance companies recommend them and burglars hate them because you need a key to open them from the inside as well as the outside).

    Tip: Always specify a lock approved to BS 3621 for outside doors

    • Make sure the mortice lock key isn’t in an obvious place.

    Tip: Burglars will usually look under a mat, plant pot,
    in the garage or shed.

    • Fit window locks to all downstairs windows, and to easily accessible upstairs windows. (Insurance companies recommend them and burglars don’t like having to break glass because of the noise it makes and the risk of leaving forensic evidence.)

    • Install a visible burglar alarm, and turned it on!

    • Leave the lights and the radio on a timer for the evening (as little as £2 each from DIY shops) so that it looks like your in.

    • Make it difficult for thieves to get into your garden.
    Erect a good fence, padlock the side gate (it will take more than a good kick to get through it), and lock the shed.

    • Make sure your TV, video and other valuables can’t be seen
    from the window.

    • Don’t keep any cash lying around. Buy and have installed a small home or office safe.

    • If it’s dark outside close your curtains and leave a light on
    while your out.

    • Remove ladders that can be used to break into upstairs rooms.

    Tip: Check your insurance policy now. Does it specify fitting window locks and door locks to BS 3621. Are you complying?

    Useful link: www.met.police.uk/crimeprevention

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